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Founded in 1920 upon the initiative of a group of San Marino entrepreneurs as an independent private merchant bank, today, Banca Agricola Commerciale (BAC) is an established international bank, proud of its confirmed retail vocation: keeping the needs of every family, professional and business client at the forefront, which has contributed to making it a “primary bank” throughout the San Marino area.

Together with its extensive network of retail branch offices in the Republic of San Marino, at the same time, BAC provides services to enterprises and large investors through its Corporate, Private and Investment branches.


Prof. Biagio Bossone – President

Dott.ssa Micaela Licia Menicucci – General Manager

Dott. Marco Castronovo – Vice General Manager

Rag. Riccardo Terenzi – Vice General Manager

Via Tre Settembre, 316
47891 Repubblica di San Marino
Phone 0549/871111 – Web:

BAC Life, incorporated and controlled by BAC, is historically the Republic of San Marino’s first life insurance company, which represents the main provider of insurance solutions aimed at meeting pension needs and protecting long-term savings as a tool for wealth planning, also from an intergenerational perspective.

By offering a broad range of innovative and market-leading investment solutions BAC Life is a leader in insurance products. The effective management of the coverage of personal, family, professional and business risks, as well as the generational transfer of its clients’ wealth is BAC Life’s primary goal.

BAC Life S.p.A.

Daniele Savegnago – Legal Representative/President

Lorenz Berti – General Manager

Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale
Economic operator code: SM22615
Phone: 0549 8711314 – Web:

BAC Investments SG S.p.A., incorporated in 2016 and a 100% subsidiary of BAC, is an asset management company.

In addition to offering collective asset management through mutual funds, BAC Investments SG provides private third-party asset management of investment portfolios, limited to units of Mutual Investment Funds of its own creation and placement of financial instruments without binding commitments. To identify the products that best meet clients’ objectives in different market contexts, BAC Investments SG undertakes consistent study, research, and analysis of economic and financial issues as well as of investments in financial instruments.

BAC Investments SG, where competence is the core value, provides its clients with excellent opportunities and products.

BAC Investments SG

Wlademir Biasia – President

Luca Pantaleoni – General Manager

Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale
Economic operator code: SM27360
Phone: 0549 871418 – Web:

In 2020 BAC Fiduciaria SpA became a company authorised to act as a Professional Trustee, with the new name of BAC Trustee SpA. This is a legal entity which, by virtue of the trust deed, was invested with the power to manage trust assets, in compliance with the applicable legal system, governing law and the will of the settlor expressed in the trust deed.

BAC Trustee Spa, mira a stabilire una BAC Trustee Spa, aims to establish a relationship of excellence with its clients, based on values of transparency and confidentiality, as well as quality and competence.

Lorenz Berti – President

Emanuele Rossini – Counselor

Silvia Zomegnan – Counselor

Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale
Economic operator code: SM18370
Phone: 0549 871277 – Email:

San Marino Finanza e Previdenza S.r.l., incorporated in 2021, 51% of equity controlled by BAC and 49% held by Finanza e Previdenza S.r.l., is an insurance carrier.

San Marino Finanza e Previdenza, thanks to its expertise and competent organisation, can offer the best insurance and pension solutions focussed on meeting any type of insurance need, at all times: from protecting and incrementing personal wealth to home insurance and support post accidents and illness, through insurance, savings and investment products, aimed at individuals, families and businesses.

Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale

Phone: 0549 871153 – Email:

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