Companies of the Group

In 2009 Banca Agricola Commerciale founded BAC Life Spa, the first company for life insurance in the Republic of San Marino.
The business target of the Company is to realize insurance products about the Life sector with financial contents, products supplied only by Banca Agricola Commerciale SpA.


BAC Life SpA

Emanuele Rossini – Deputy Chairman

Daniele Savegnago – CEO


Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale
Economic operator code: SM22615
Telephone: 0549 8711314 – Web:

BAC Investments SG S.p.A., founded in 2016 and controlled entirely by BAC, is an asset management company.

BAC Investments SG offers services for the collective asset management through mutual investment funds, as well as management services on an individual base of investment portfolio on behalf of third parties. As for the shares of its own Mutual Investment Funds, it offers non binding permanent investments services of financial instruments. To identify the products satisfying at best the customers’ objectives in the different market sectors, BAC Investments SG commits itself by studying, researching and analysing the economical and financial subjects, as well as the financial instrument investments.

Competence is the core value of BAC Investments SG: it offers its customers top opportunities and products.


BAC Investments SG

Wlademir Biasia – Chairman

Luca Pantaleoni – CEO

Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale
Codice operatore Economico: SM27360
Telefono: 0549 871418 – Web:

In 2002 Banca Agricola Commerciale founded an independent trust company, called BAC Fiduciaria Spa, whose aim is to satisfy the needs of private people, entrepreneurs and legal entities, looking for values to protect in the confidentiality towards third parties.

Thanks to its highly customised offer of services, BAC Fiduciaria SpA, aims at creating an excellent relationship with its customers, based on values of transparency and confidentiality, as well as on quality and competence.

Its activity is focused on the following business lines:
• Management of financial assets privacy.
• Management of equity participations.
• Family Office dedicated to the development of relationships with HNWI customers.


BAC Fiduciaria SpA

Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale
Economic operator code: SM18370
Telephone: 0549 871150 Email: