About Us

Founded in 1920 upon the initiative of a group of San Marino entrepreneurs as an independent private merchant bank, today, Banca Agricola Commerciale (BAC) is an established international bank, proud of its confirmed retail vocation: keeping the needs of every family, professional and business client at the forefront, which has contributed to making it a “primary bank” throughout the San Marino area.

Together with its extensive network of retail branch offices in the Republic of San Marino, at the same time, BAC provides services to enterprises and large investors through its Corporate, Private and Investment branches.

Trust, Responsibility and Competence characterise BAC.

Trust creates the ideal relationship with investors who are planning for a transparent and advantageous future at BAC.

Responsibility towards enterprises and professionals who find BAC to be their ideal partner.

Competence in services and products, through technological and organisational development and regulatory adaptation.

The BAC Group has three main business areas:

  • Banking products and services
  • Investment instruments and life insurance
  • Financial instruments for individuals, households, small businesses, large companies,
  • institutions and governmental organisations.


We build a long-term relationships of trust with our clients, based on the criteria of simplicity and transparency. We have an international soul, but our roots are firmly planted in our land.

All the experience gained abroad is at the disposal of our customers from the Republic of San Marino and Italy, especially those linked to the territory we share: the Romagna Region.

It is this deep-rooted attention to the traditions that are woven into our history that allow us to offer bespoke solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

I nostri sistemi informatici rispondono ai To protect the interests of those who rely on us we maintain our IT systems at the highest security standards.

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Governance and Management


Prof. Biagio Bossone – General Manager

Dott. Daniele Savegnago – Vice General Manager

Dott. Emanuele Cesarini – Counselor

Dott. Andrea Ragagni – Counselor

Prof. Avv. Francesco Gennari – Counselor


Dott.ssa Vanessa Tavolini – President

Prof. Giorgio Rusticali – Mayor

Avv. Alberto Vaglio – Mayor


Dott.ssa Micaela Licia Menicucci
– General Manager

Dott. Marco Castronovo
– Vice Manager

Rag. Riccardo Terenzi
– Vice Manager

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