Services for Individuals

Studying, working, raising your family, enjoying your free time, or planning a new business: everything revolves around the services that the bank makes available to you and that BAC can tailor to your needs.

From advanced ATMs to debit cards, from direct debit to overdraft facilities to help you cope with unexpected expenses.

Family Office

This service takes care of the securities assets of investors and their families, operating in a confidential and flexible manner.

BAC’s Family Office offers assistance to each family member, focusing on each person’s investment needs and opportunities.

The Family Office relies on the expertise of a team of internal and external professionals who can analyse the various problems and help to seize the best opportunities.
The Family Office service is provided by BAC S.p.A and BAC Trustee S.p.A.

Trust products and services

BAC administers and disposes of the assets exclusively on the instructions of the trustor, the actual owner, or of another person designated by the trustor by means of a specific mandate.

Taking out insurance policies as policyholder and beneficiary. Family Office:

this is a service that manages the assets of investors and their families in a confidential and flexible manner. BAC offers assistance to each family member, focusing on their investment needs and opportunities.

Escrow Agreement:

BAC can act as escrow agent to ensure the timely settlement of a trust or escrow agreement. An escrow agreement is the instrument by which two parties grant a third party (in this case BAC) a mandate to settle sales of shares in companies, movable assets, and real property. With the execution of the agreement, the parties shall deposit the assets or documents subject to the transaction and its cash equivalent with BAC, which acts as the escrow agent between the parties, thus becoming the trustee and administrator of those assets. Upon the occurrence of the conditions set forth, and strictly in accordance with the terms of the contract, BAC will release the sums held to the seller, as consideration for the sale, whilst delivering the goods to the buyer at the same time.

Trust and the exercise of the activity of Trustee:

A Trust is a legal relationship whereby the settlor dispossesses himself and confers his or her assets, or a part of them, to a third party (Trustee), who shall then administer them in the interest of one or more beneficiaries or to achieve a specific purpose. Some examples of intended purposes are: segregation and protection of assets, confidentiality, protection of minors and/or the disabled or the protection of assets for inheritance purposes.

Assets placed in trust constitute a separate fund. The settlor divests him or herself of ownership of the transferred assets, which cease to be part of his or her estate. These assets, therefore, cannot be attacked by creditors, either of the trustee or of the beneficiaries. The Trustee shall become the formal owner of the Trust property and shall manage it in accordance with the instructions of the settlor as set out in the trust deed, in accordance with the law and for the benefit of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries shall then have the right to receive the payment of the income and/or the allocation of the trust property as determined by the settlor.

Incorporation of companies:

BAC offers assistance in the incorporation of companies under San Marino or foreign law. BAC provides consultancy and assistance in the preparation of the correct company form and bylaws with the assistance of professionals specialised in the analysis and resolution of various issues in order to seize the best opportunities and ensure maximum confidentiality.

Generational transition:

BAC provides advice on planning for generational business transitions, to ensure management continuity while maintaining the equilibria that characterise family businesses.

Other BAC services

BAC Mobile and Internet Banking

BAC is always open for you, 24 hours a day.

From the comfort of your own home or even from your tablet or smartphone, you can transfer money, send bank transfers, pay cash orders or check your current or securities account balances.

Moreover, with BAC self 24, you can carry out account operations at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Direct debit of utilities

You can debit your bills directly to your current account and say goodbye to queues, with no commission charges.

Debit card

With the BAC debit card, you can withdraw in Italy at all the bank branches and worldwide at any ATM displaying the Cirrus logo. You can also pay for goods and services at all merchants equipped with POS.

You can customise the monthly and daily spending limits to suit your needs and request additional availability if required.

Payment cards

BAC provides you with all the instruments you need to make your purchases over the Internet or at your favourite shops, anywhere in the world and in complete security.

The credit card allows you to pay and withdraw where you want and when you want, with settlement on the 15th of the following month.

Thanks to a free text message with each operation, you will always be able to keep everything under control.


Prepaid cards allow you to make your online purchases with complete peace of mind, since they use normal international credit circuits without being linked to your current account.

CONAD CARD is the completely free credit card that allows you to do your daily shopping in Conad stores and pay in a single monthly payment through your current account.

Loans and Mortgages


Meet unforeseen family expenses or manage any liquidity needs in running your business or professional activities.

BAC offers ad hoc credit lines based on your specific requirements.


The search for the right mortgage is always difficult. That is why BAC has developed a wide range of highly flexible solutions for buying, renovating, and building a home.

These include “fixed-rate” mortgages, which allow you to pay a constant instalment with no surprises.

Realise your dreams with an expert always at your disposal.


Telepass is the system that allows you to pay motorway tolls without having to stop at the tollbooth, passing through the dedicated gates, with deferred debits directly from your current account.

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