Our History

21 June 1920, Banca Agricola began operations.

The business was mainly aimed at facilitating the agricultural sector.
An annual scholarship was established for citizens who devoted themselves to agricultural studies.

A special loan to citizens affected by the Second World War was established.

The focus of Banca Agricola turned toward emerging local industry, with financing and management of collections and payments.

The Bank embarked on a process of major technological development aimed at enhancing its information systems and the level of automation of its accounting processes.
The Bank’s expansion began.
The name became Banca Agricola Commerciale della Repubblica di San Marino.

The controlling interest in BAC passed from Credito Romagnolo SpA to Rolo Banca 1473 SpA following the merger by incorporation of the two institutions.

Banca Agricola Commerciale created an independent trust company, called BAC Fiduciaria SpA, dedicated to the activity of fiduciary registration.
The controlling interest in BAC passed from Rolo Banca 1473 SpA to UniCredit Banca SpA following the merger of the two institutions.

The controlling interest of BAC passed from UniCredit Banca SpA to UniCredit Private Banking SpA.

Banca Agricola Commerciale set up San Marino Life SpA, the first San Marino life insurance company, together with ERGO International AG.

Corporate control of Banca Agricola Commerciale SpA went from UniCredit Spa to Istituto Bancario Sammarinese S.p.A.

Istituto Bancario Sammarinese S.p.A., and Banca Agricola Commerciale S.p.A., definitively merged their respective entities to form BAC – BANCA AGRICOLA COMMERCIALE Istituto Bancario Sammarinese SpA.
IBS Leasing S.p.A., previously controlled by I.B.S. S.p.A., came under the control of BAC. With thirteen branches and three specialized companies (BAC Fiduciaria, San Marino LIFE, IBS Leasing) BAC was able to meet the needs of all types of customers: individuals, professionals, enterprises, large investors and institutions.

100% of the corporate control of San Marino Life SpA passed to the Banca Agricola Commerciale SpA Group.

Banca Agricola Commerciale si dota della Divisione IBanca Agricola Commerciale set up an International Division, responsible for the development and commercial management of the Bank’s and its Subsidiaries’ relations with foreign counterparties.
IBS Leasing Spa was incorporated into BAC.

Banca Agricola Commerciale SpA set up BAC Investment SG, a global asset management company focused on growing and protecting its clients’ assets.

Banca Agricola Commerciale SpA celebrates its 100th anniversary.

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