Services for Enterprises and Professionals

Studying, working, raising your family, enjoying your free time, or planning a new business. Everything revolves around the services that the bank makes available to you and that BAC can tailor to your needs. From the continuous cash account to the debit card, from the direct debit of utilities to the overdraft facility that allows you to meet unexpected expenses.

BAC Mobile and Internet Banking

BAC is always open for you, 24/7/365.

From the comfort of your own home, even from your tablet or smartphone, you can transfer money, send bank transfers, pay cash orders, or check your current or securities account balances.

Moreover, with BAC self 24, you can carry out account operations at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Debit card

With the BAC debit card, you can withdraw cash free of charge in Italy at all participating branches and ATMs worldwide displaying the Cirrus logo. You can also pay for goods and services at all merchants equipped with POS.

You can customise monthly and daily spending limits to suit your needs and request additional availability if required.

In addition, the BAC debit card protects you from fraudulent use thanks to the best security protocols available.

Payment cards

BAC provides you with all the tools you need to make your purchases on the Internet or at your favourite shops, anywhere in the world and in complete security.

The credit card allows you to pay and withdraw wherever and whenever you want, debiting the expense on the 15th of the following month. Thanks to a free text message for each transaction, you will always be able to keep everything under control.

Prepaid cards allow you to make your online purchases with complete peace of mind. Though it uses standard international credit circuits it is not linked to your current account.

CONAD CARD is the completely free card that allows you to do your daily shopping in Conad stores and pay in a single monthly payment from your current account.

Loans and Mortgages


The search for the right mortgage is always difficult. This is why BAC has created a wide range of highly flexible solutions for buying, renovating and building a home. These include the ‘fixed-rate mortgage’, which allows you to pay a constant instalment without any surprises.

Realise your projects with an expert always at your disposal.



To meet unforeseen family expenses or manage any liquidity needs when running a business or professional activity.

BAC offers ad hoc credit lines based on your specific requirements.

Direct Debit Utilities

You can debit your utility bills directly from your current account, saying goodbye to queues and with no commission charges.


Telepass is the system that allows you to pay motorway tolls without having to stop at the tollbooth, passing through the dedicated gates, with deferred debits directly to your current account.

Corporate Banking

BAC’s Corporate Banking Office offers services specifically designed for our business clients, with whom it activates a personalised professional relationship capable of supporting development projects through targeted financial strategies.

Corporate Banking offers a comprehensive range of products and services to meet all your business needs and every market situation.

The client company is assigned a manager responsible for providing highly specialised and personalised financial advice, using specialists in individual operations: collections and payments, foreign market operations, medium- to long-term financing, leasing, factoring, treasury management and corporate finance.

Over the years, our experience in providing bespoke services for our clients’ companies to meet the specific needs of each business model has nurtured a dynamic awareness and practical relevant understanding of business. Our office is constantly striving to offer payment, cash management and import/export financing solutions.

The team of Corporate Banking specialists is highly qualified and is the ideal partner for businesses, identifying specific needs and finding the best solutions for ordinary or complex transactions.

Responsibility is the founding value of BAC’s Corporate Banking, on which every action to support the economy and work is based.

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