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BAC Current Accounts for individual users

BAC P.A. Salary Group

BAC P.A. Salary Group is the specific current account designed by BAC for public administration employees and the entities that gravitate around it.

All essential services are provided at minimal cost in a single agreement, giving public sector employees the opportunity to experience all the services offered by the BAC Group.

BAC Salary

BAC Salary is designed for those who choose to credit their salary directly to their current account, optimising and simplifying their daily operations.

In a single account: debit card, credit card, web banking, interest on savings and low-interest loans to finance all kinds of activities.

BAC Young 18-27

BAC Young 18-27 is the current account designed by BAC to help young people realise their dreams.

We believe in the value of young people and support their educational efforts by helping them save money whilst offering them low-interest loans to cover university fees, master’s degrees, or the purchase of new technology.

BAC Under 30

BAC Under 30 the convenient, fast and free account dedicated to young people aged 18 to 30.

It is a product designed for younger people, who are starting to manage their finances and thanks to this no-fee account they can do so in an informed and correct manner.

BAC CDLS members

Reserved and personalised current account for CDLS members.

BAC CDLS Pension

This is the current account specifically designed for CDLS pensioner members who will be crediting their pension payments, with practical and economic conditions.

BAC USL Employees

Current account reserved for USL member employees with favourable conditions linked to direct salary credit.

BAC USL pensioners

This is the current account designed specifically for USL pensioner members who will be directly crediting their pension payments, with practical and economic conditions.

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