Loans for private party users

Below you will find all our loan and financing solutions.

BAC Green Leasing

BAC will finance up to 80% of the value of the car, with tax exemption up to 35 thousand euros (RSM Article 55 Law 223/2020).

BAC Smart working – Distance learning

The fast loan to finance your purchases.
Do you need the right tools? BAC supports you with financing of up to €1,500!

BAC Energy

BAC Energy finances efficiency upgrading of traditional technological systems and/or the implementation of renewable energy technologies. BAC Energy can also be applied for the purchase of electric or hybrid electric-powered vehicles.

Personal loans

BAC Express: grants loans up to €30,000.00 in 72 hours. Buying a car, dealing with an unexpected expense, obtaining financing for education. BAC personal loans help you meet every need.


Whether you are leasing real or movable property, cars, boats or planes, BAC supports your requirements and allows you to use the assets you need immediately by spreading payments over practical instalments.

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