Privacy policy

What are Cookies
Cookies are small pieces of information that a website stores on your computer other devices.

Cookies help the browser to visit a website, but they cannot gather any information stored in your computer or files. If the server uses a browser web to read the cookies, they can help the website provide a better user experience to you. To protect your privacy, the browser allows the website to enter only into the previously sent cookie and not into cookies created by other websites.

Why we use cookies
We use cookies to better understand how to interact with our content. Besides, they help to improve your browsing experience on on our website. They remember the type of browser you use and they memorize your preferences, such as browsing language. Some cookies are permanent, but other will be automatically cancelled when closing the browser web.


Technical cookies, strictly needed
These cookies are necessary to surf our sites and to use the different functions. Without cookies, we can’t supply services such as charts and remember the language you have chosen.

Cookies to analyse features
Thanks to such cookies, websites can remember the choices made when browsing. For example, they can remember your geographical position in a specific cookie to show you the website in your language. They can also remember your preferences, such as text size, fonts and other elements that can be personalised on the website. Such cookies do not gather information to identify you in person and they do not keep a track of your activities.

Cookies to analyse the performances
Such cookies gather information about the way you use our website, i.e. which are the pages you visit the most. These are data used to optimize the websites making them easier to be surfed. Such cookies are also used to inform the members if your visit originated from one of their websites, if you used or bought some products or services, giving also the details about them. Such cookies do not gather information to identify you in person: all data are put together and as a consequence they are nameless.

Choices offered by Your browser:

It is possible to set up the browser so that cookies are saved on the device or, on the contrary they are denied, regularly or according to the sender. You can also set up the browser so to have an immediate request to accept or deny the cookies, before they are probably memorised on your device. For further information, read “How to employ your choice, according to the browser used?”

(a) Consent for the use of cookies
The registration of a cookie on a device is basically subordinated to the user will, which can be expressed and modified any time for free through the options offered by the browser. If you accept to register the cookies on your device through your browser, the cookies contained in a dedicated area of Your device. Only the sender could read them.

(b) Deny cookies
If you deny cookies on your device, or if you remove the registered ones, you won’t be able to use a series of functions necessary to browse in some areas of our [website/application]. This is what happens when you try to enter our contents or services asking for identification. The same applies when, for technical compatibility reasons, we, or our providers, can’t recognize the type of browser your device uses, the setting of the language, display or country from where you connect to the Internet. In this case, we are not responsible for any consequence connected to a bad functioning of our services due to our impossibility to register or read the cookies necessary to operate, that you denied or cancelled.

(c) How to employ your choice, according to the browser used?
To manage cookies as well as your choices, each browser has a different setting. It is described in the help menu of your browser, that will show you how to change your choices about cookies.

Internet Explorer™:
If you do not want cookies to be registered in your device, you can set it up through a browser specific function.