Born in 1920 as a private and independent merchant bank upon request of a group of San Marino entrepreneurs, today Banca Agricola Commerciale (BAC) is an international reality, proud of its consolidated retail vocation, i.e. close to the needs of each family, professionals and companies, which has become the “reference bank” all over San Marino.

BAC covers all San Marino territory, through a widespread net of retail branches, serving both companies and big investors thanks to its Corporate, Private and International divisions.

BAC is distinguished by Trust, Responsibility and Competence.

Trust as a setting for a perfect relationship with investors, wishing to plan in BAC their best and clear future.

Responsibility towards companies and professionals, who found in BAC their perfect partner.

Competence both in services and products, through a technological and organizational evolution, as well as a regulatory compliance.

The three main business areas of BAC Group are:

  • Banking products and services
  • Investment tools and life insurance
  • Financial items for private people, families, small enterprises, big companies, institutions and governmental organizations.