Family Office

It is a service taking care of the assets of the investors and their families, operating in a reserved and flexible way.

BAC Family Office offers assistance to each member of the family, focusing its attention on the investment needs and everyone’s opportunities.

Family Office can count on the competence of a team of professionals, internal and external, able to analyse the different problems and to catch the best opportunities. Family Office services are supplied by BAC Fiduciaria SpA.

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Family Office

BAC Fiduciaria SpA

BAC Fiduciaria SpA, founded and controlled entirely by BAC, is a trust company aimed at satisfying the interests of people, entrepreneurs, legal entities which are looking for values to protect in the confidentiality towards third parties. More precisely, in 2002 BAC Fiduciaria was founded under the control of Banca Agricola Commerciale. Since 2005 it has been registered in the register of the authorized trustee in the Republic of San Marino.

BAC Fiduciaria customers can count on the availability and competence for each personal, family or business needs. BAC Fiduciaria activity ranges from the communication management of the assets generation to the advisory service on legal and fiscal topics, up to special loans for entrepreneurs. The work and commitment of the professionals of BAC Fiduciaria are dedicated to creating a real trust relationship, so to have stable and lasting relationships. The Family Office service is supplied by BAC Fiduciaria SpA.

BAC Fiduciaria SpA
Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale
Codice operatore Economico: SM18370
Telefono: 0549 871150

Products and Services of BAC Fiduciaria SpA

Ownership and management on behalf of the settlors of securities, personal assets and other security:
BAC Fiduciaria manages and supplies assets only upon request of the settlor, beneficial owner or any other person chosen by him/her through a specific mandate. BAC Fiduciaria puts in its name, but on behalf of the customer/settlor, personal assets or real estates, financial activities, legal relationship.

Underwriting of insurance policies as contractor and beneficiary. Family Office:
It is a service taking care of the personal assets of the investors and their families, operating in a confidential and flexible way. BAC Family Office offers assistance to each family member, focusing its attention on the investment needs and opportunities of everyone. Family Office uses the competence of a team of professionals, internal and external, able to analyse the different problems and to chase the best opportunities.

Escrow Agreement:
BAC Fiduciaria can operate as custodian (o escrow agent) to grant a precise regulation of the trust contract. Through an escrow agreement two parties give to a third one (in this case BAC Fiduciaria) the proxy to regulate the buying and selling of the equity stake, personal assets and real estate. By undersigning the contract, the parties deposit the asset or the document object of the transaction and its equivalent value in money at BAC Fiduciaria, which acts as the escrow agent among contractors, becoming in this way the trustee as well as the manager of the assets. When such conditions shall occur, and being strictly compliant with the agreement, BAC Fiduciaria shall release the hold amounts in favour of the seller as compensation of the selling. At the same time, it shall give the asset to the buyer.

Trust and Trustee activity:
The Trust is a legal relationship with which the settlor dispossesses and gives its own assets, or part of it, to a third party (Trustee), that will manage them in the interest of one or more beneficiaries to reach a precise purpose. Some examples of prearranged purposes:• asset division and protection;• confidentiality;• protection of the minors and disable people;• protection of the asset for inheritance purposes. The assets given in Trust create a separate fund. The settlor renounces to the ownership of the assets given, that cease to be part of its capital. Such assets cannot be taken by potential creditors, both of the Trustee and beneficiaries. The Trustee becomes formally owner of the assets given in the Trust and shall manage them following the instructions of the settlor listed in the memorandum of association, being compliant with the law and in favour of the beneficiaries. They are entitled to receive the distribution of the income and/or the allocation of the Trust assets according to what established by the settlor.

Establishment of a company:
BAC Fiduciaria offers assistance for the establishment of companies with San Marino or foreign right. BAC Fiduciaria gives consultation and assistance to settle the correct company type and its relevant articles of association, supported by the collaboration of professionals specialised in the analysis and solution of the different problems to find the best opportunities and grant the most absolute confidentiality.

Generation-to-generation passage:
BAC Fiduciaria offers advice for the planning of a company generation-to-generation passage, granting the management continuity and respecting the structure typical of family businesses.