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  • Purpose of the website
    The purpose of this website is to give information to the people accepting to browse in it, according to the terms and conditions listed in the present legal notice. The information contained in the website is not and do not want to be an offer or solicitation to a public saving, aimed at selling or buying financial products and services supplied by the parent company or by its subsidiaries, but it informs about their own products and services addressed to people described in item 2) of the present note. The parent company shall check that the data contained in the website are true and complete. For this reason, it shall perform periodical updates, considering that they might be late or that there might be some set-backs.
  • Recipient
    The recipients of the messages contained in the website pages are only companies and individuals whose legal offices or residence is in one of those Countries where Banca Agricola Commerciale S.p.A. can operate as a bank. At the moment, the bank can operate only in the Republic of San Marino, and it is under the surveillance of the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino. As a consequence, this website does not address to people whose legal offices or residence are in different Countries.
  • Content of the information
    The information contained in the website:
    it is in Italian, as this is the language currently used in the Republic of San Marino;
    it can describe possible enhancements of financial products and/or services in Euros, as legal tender in the Republic of San Marino;
    it does not have any negotiation nature, i.e. public placing of financial products or services, but its only purpose is to inform the user;
    it can contain references to facts and circumstances about international financial markets, as interesting sectors for the company;
    it is listed only on a website whose domain is in the Republic of San Marino.

  • Responsibility
    Banca Agricola Commerciale S.p.A. does not grant that information contained in the website, even if very careful, does not contain imperfections, blanks, omissions or mistakes. In particular, the company is not liable for any responsibility about possible damages or losses coming from the direct or indirect use of the information contained in the website. More in general, the parent company is not responsible for any use made of the information contained in the website.
  • Email service, transmission of data and/or information
    Banca Agricola Commerciale S.p.A., owner of the website, and/or its subsidiaries do not grant the privacy and the confidentiality of the information. Email service and any other service linked to the transmission of data and/or information may be subject to interferences by subjects external to the company owning the website. As a consequence, the information may not remain confidential. The website parent company and/or its subsidiaries may use some procedures to confirm the origin of the contacts of people living outside San Marino, and to refuse any further contact.
  • Links
    Banca Agricola Commerciale S.p.A. is not responsible for the information contained in websites linked to the present one.
  • Jurisdiction
    All information contained in the website as well as its use are subject to San Marino legislation. San Marino Court is responsible for each complain, violation and breach of the law. By using our website, you accept this principle.

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