Current Accounts

BAC Artigiani was designed for people who invest in their profession, choosing BAC as a banking partner, and optimising and simplifying daily management and operations.
A single account with an international debit card, credit card, internet banking, interest on savings and easy-term loans to finance every type of project.

Why choose it:


To keep your spending under control and to monitor your loans and investments better


One charge for a whole range of services: statements, direct debits, internet banking… all inclusive!


Free withdrawals from BAC branches and all other participating banks


Flexibility means being able to modify, supplement and “compose” the financial instruments that are most suitable for your needs. Because your life, your story (your business), is different from anyone else’s!
It matters little if the project to be realised is large or small, BAC experts will propose the best scheme to meet your needs.
The purchase of a new car or a house, redecorating or relaxing on a refreshing holiday, there is no reason to postpone!
The BAC loans services do not require you to open a new current account! The account already active will suffice.

Personal loans

Buying a car, meeting an unexpected expense, obtaining a loan for the office; BAC personal loans help you to meet every need.


For important expenses like the purchase, refurbishing or construction of a house, BAC always has a mortgage tailor-made for you.


Leasing of movable and immovable property, cars, boats and planes; BAC meets your needs and enables you to make immediate use of the assets that you need, spreading out the payment in practical instalments.

Fixed-rate mortgage

This is a mortgage to cover the purchase or refurbishing of a home.

The rate is fixed, so it is not affected by market fluctuations. It is repaid at a constant rate, without surprises.


Every season of our lives has different needs and opportunities.

At BAC we help you to obtain the most from your savings and we provide you with all the tools necessary to choose the best solution for you.

This enables us to transform market fluctuations into opportunities to make your capital grow, even starting from small periodical deposits.

And of course…. the advice is free.

Drop in to your local branch where we will illustrate our investment proposals to you.

Life insurance policies

A BAC life insurance policy is an important tool that guarantees economic peace of mind to your family at every point of your life.
BAC has prepared a wide range of solutions to meet every need and requirement.

A prospectus is available from your branch

Supplementary welfare

BAC supplementary welfare programmes are a valid opportunity to invest your savings and to protect your lifestyle for a long time.
There are different products for every need, with a choice between capital revaluation and a life-long annuity.

A prospectus is available from your branch

Programmed accumulation plans

BAC Programmed accumulation plans are the ideal solution for savers wishing to invest in the future even if they do not have large sums at their disposal: just €50 a month is sufficient!
Small monthly deposits based on the individual’s availability and your capital will grow in time, with easy access.
Investing in capital accumulation plans protects your savings from market fluctuations.

A prospectus is available from your branch

Mutual funds

The mutual funds proposed by BAC invest savers’ capital in particularly strategic and remunerative assets.
You can choose equity funds, bond funds or balanced funds, according to your expected income and risk propensity.

Equity management

BAC Equity management is the perfect solution for investors looking for optimal management of their equity.
A team of experts is at your disposal to interpret the constant changes on the market in the best possible way, helping you to consider the best investment opportunities in good time.

Administered portfolios

This is the simplest form of setting your savings aside, and provides an efficient report containing deposit transactions and tracking the performance of interest, dividends and repayments.
The administered portfolios can include the safekeeping of securities with any income credited to your account, and the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds and derivatives on the world’s major financial markets.

A prospectus is available from your branch

BAC Advice (investment programme)

BAC Advice is the personal investment programme that BAC tailors to the needs of individual customers.
It is free of charge and provides regular updates about the performance of your investments.
A prospectus is available from your branch.

Deposit certificates

BAC Deposit certificates guarantee your capital and reward you with a specific interest rate.
You can choose the length of the term, from 1 month to 5 years, and a fixed or variable interest rate.
Interest may even be paid by periodical coupons.


Studying, working, bringing up a family, enjoying one’s leisure time or planning a new activity: everything revolves around the services that the bank makes available, which BAC can study on the basis of your needs.
From a night safe to a cash dispenser, direct debit and credit line that enables you to meet unexpected expenses.

BAC mobile (mobile banking)

BAC per te is always open, 24 hours a day.

You can make transfers, giro credits, pay bank receipts or consult the balance of your account or securities deposit easily from your tablet or smartphone.


Credit lines and Mortgages
To meet unexpected domestic expenses or when you need liquidity in the running of a commercial or professional activity.
BAC can set up ad hoc credit lines on the basis of your specific requests.

It is always difficult to find the right mortgage. Which is why BAC has created a broad range of highly flexible solutions to cover the purchase, refurbishment or construction of a property.

These include the “fixed-rate mortgage”, repaid at a constant rate, with no surprises.

It is our mortgage with no valuation, legal or insurance fees.

To help you to realise your dreams with an expert by your side at all times.


Telepass is the system that allows you to pay motorway tolls in Italy without stopping at the tollbooth but passing through the appropriate gate; the charges will subsequently be debited directly to your current account.

Direct debit

You can debit utility bills directly to your current account, avoiding the queues and paying no commission.

BAC online (internet banking)

BAC per te is always open, 24 hours a day.
You can make transfers, giro credits, pay bank receipts or consult the balance of your account or securities deposit from the comfort of your own home.


Debit card

The BAC debit card lets you withdraw money in Italy free of charge from the cash dispensers of participating banks, and all over the world from ATMs in the Cirrus circuit. You can also pay for goods and services at all POS linked. You can personalise your monthly spending limits according to your needs and, if necessary, to request additional funds.
The BAC debit card protects you from fraud thanks to the best security protocols on the market.

Payment cards

BAC offers you all the necessary tools to make your purchases on the Internet or at your favourite stores, anywhere in the world, and with total security.
The credit card allows you to pay and withdraw wherever and whenever you wish; the sum will be charged to your account on the 15th of the following month.
BAC offers you credit cards in the most important international circuits.
A free text message after each transaction will help you to keep everything under control.

The revolving card provides a reserve of funds to be spent on purchases or withdrawn, which can be repaid over time, in small instalments, as established when the contract is drawn up.

The prepaid card lets you purchase on line with complete peace of mind. It uses the normal international credit circuits but is not linked to your current account.
CONAD CARD is the completely free card that lets you shop every day in Conad stores, paying a lump sum every month from your current account.

BAC self 24

BAC self 24 to make banking transactions at any time, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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