Our Customer Care Chat

to contact our operators directly.

BAC CUSTOMER CARE Service offers an online CHAT, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 1 pm, and from 3 pm to 4.30 pm.
Our online CHAT allows to communicate directly with our operators, in person, to satisfy all your needs about our products and services.

To chat in after hours, our CHAT is automatically available “offline”.

Our CUSTOMER CARE service is also available Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 1:20 pm, and from 2:40 pm to 4:50, at the following phone number: 0549.871424.

You can also send an email to our CUSTOMER CARE service at the following e-mail address: customercare@bac.sm.

The experience gained by the operators CUSTOMER CARE enables the continuous implementation of the following form: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

BAC Customer CARE

FAQ: Frequent questions

How does the service FAQ (frequent questions) works

The experience acquired by the operators CUSTOMER CARE enables the continuous implementation of the FAQ module.

When can I use the Customer Care Service?

The online chat is available from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday.

Telephone support is available to customers at the same time contacting the number 0549 871.424

What things can I do with a bank account?
  • issue bank checks;
  • order transfers;
  • pay utilities and taxes, and charge the amounts from time to time or, rather, through a “permanent direct debit” (RID);
  • use ATM cards and credit cards;
  • apply for funding, by taking advantage of a credit facility up to an agreed amount, or receiving a loan amount to be repaid in installments;
  • use additional services such as safe deposit boxes;
  • investing your savings, opening a securities portfolio and giving charge to the bank to manage or administer;
  • activate a pension insurance policy.
The ATM can be used all over the world?

The debit card is used throughout the world, where the circuit is active.

If I lose or rob me of a credit card or debit card what should I do?

You must immediately contact the following telephone numbers:

For debit card:
Freephone: 800 822.056
From abroad: +39 02.454.037.68

For credit card TP@Y
N° From Italy and RSM: 0549.943896
From abroad: (+) 378.943896

For credit card CARTASI
Freephone: 800 151.616
N° USA: 1800 473.68.96
From abroad: +39 02.349.800.20

Land line: 06 72.900.347
From abroad: +39 06.729.003.47

ATM (cash machine) can make the cash payments or checks?

Sure, you can pay bills and checks into your account automatically, saving time and avoiding long lines.

The service is free.

What can you pay?
  Euro banknotes of any amount
  Bank checks and drafts.

What do you need?
The debit card.

How to do?
Just go to an ATM that has the payment function. Enter your card and performs the operation. You do not have to fill any distinct.