Bank Assurance

Bac Bank Assurance focuses on two macro areas:

  1. Wealth planning: it satisfies the needs of the most advanced customers by using life insurance as an instrument for the asset planning, matching the sophisticated services of private banking with the legal and fiscal advantages of life insurance policies to reach the customer’s assets and financial safety in the medium-long period, also protecting the assets from professional risks.
  1. Social security: its target is to facilitate the gathering of resources for the family needs or to create a pension to grant the same life standards even when people will stop working.

Bank Assurance

Such solutions are offered by San Marino Life SpA and they satisfy both the most customised needs for private clients, and the ones concerning a sound financial planning aimed at safeguarding the life standards of the family in time.

San Marino LIFE SpA

San Marino Life SpA, founded and controlled by BAC, is historically the first company for life insurance born in the Republic of San Marino. It represents the main supplier of life insurance aimed at satisfying the social securities needs and protecting the savings in the long run as an instrument for the assets planning, also in an international perspective. In 2008, BAC and Ergo International AG, the main German insurance company of the Munich Re Group, launched an insurance company in San Marino: the following year San Marino Life started its own activity and in 2012 BAC obtained 100% of the capital. San Marino Life is a leader supplier for insurance products and it offers a range of innovative investment solutions, references for the whole market.

San Marino Life’s target is to manage efficiently the coverage of personal, family, professional and corporate risks, as well as the generation passage of its customers.

San Marino Life SpA
Via Tre Settembre, 316 Banca Agricola Commerciale
Codice operatore Economico: SM22615
Phone: 0549 8711314

Products and services of San Marino LIFE SpA

Common features of San Marino Life products, according to the Republic of San Marino law:

Protection of the financial activities: insurance policies are exempt from seizure and not attachable;

Exclusion from the estate: possibility to appoint beneficiaries other than legal heirs;

Favoured taxation: deferment of tax on capital gains in case of partial or total surrender;

exempt from inheritance tax;

possibility to modify the beneficiary any time;

possibility to undersign life insurance policies through trust companies;

possibility to give a contract by changing the policy holder;

possibility to pledge credit lines;

transparent cost structure.


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